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RoMEO hits 1500 Publishers!!

  This afternoon there was cake in the office to celebrate RoMEO reaching 1500 publishers! When I started here almost eight years ago, we had only 150. As of today, we have 1501 publishers and an additional 203 policy exceptions, enabling us to provide more detailed information on the self-archiving policies of the 22 thousand … Read more

RoMEO and JULIET updates for April 2014

RoMEO Added new publishers: Aalborg Universitetsforlag [22/4/14] – Green Alue- ja ympäristötutkimuksen seura [White ] [15/4/14] American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) [16/4/14] Asesorías y Tutorías para la Investigación Científica en la Educación Puig-Salabarría S.C [16/4/14] – Blue Association for Information Systems – Blue [16/4/14] Biolinguistics – Green [16/4/14] Brepols Publisher  [24/4/14] White Copenhagen Lutheran … Read more

RoMEO and JULIET Updates for March 2014

RoMEO Added new publishers: Academic Research Group  [20/3/14] Blue African Minds [28/3/14] – Green Australian International Academic Centre [13/3/14] – Green BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT [18/3/14] – Green Carlyle Studies Annual – Green [6/3/14] Casa de Velazquez – Green [6/3/14] Centro de Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales  [31/3/14]- blue Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute … Read more

RoMEO and JULIET Updates for February

RoMEO Added new publishers: Asociacion Historia Abierta [13/2/14] – [5/2/14] – Green International Institute for the Science of Sintering [5/2/14] – Green International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies [5/2/14] – Green KT Press [5/2/14] – Green Linguistic Society of America [5/2/14] – Blue Medical Students Association of India [5/2/14] – Blue Universidad de … Read more

RoMEO and JULIET Updates for January

RoMEO New Publishers: Academic Publishing House Researcher (Научный издательский дом «Исследователь») – Green [22/1/14] BIOFBE – Blue [30/1/14] Cogent OA – Green [28/1/14] Council on Undergraduate Research [3/1/14] – White Delta Publicaiones [Yellow] [15/1/14] ESSACHESS [3/1/14] – Blue IJECM Pub UK – Blue [30/1/14] Independent Journal of Management and Production [2/1/14] Green Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano … Read more

RoMEO Updates for December 2013

RoMEO Added new publishers: American Society of International Law [Blue] 4/12/13 Boise State University, Basque Studies – Green [12/12/13] Educational Technology Publications [Green] 4/12/13 Edward Elgar Publishing [9/12/13] – Green Hellenic Centre for Marine Research – [Green] 4/12/13 Helvetic Editions {Blue} 4/12/13 Immigrant Institutet [Green] 4/12/13 International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IAEES) [Blue … Read more

RoMEO and JULIET Update for November 2013

Added new publishers: Research Centre for Management and Social Studies – Green [14/11/13] Open Access Publishing London – Green [14/11/13] University of Michigan, School of Law – Green [14/11/13] Textrum – White [14/11/13] Foundation of Computer Science [20/11/13] Green Hrvatsko društvo kemijskih inženjera i tehnologa (HDKI) [20/11/13] Blue Universidad Peruana Union [20/11/13] Green Elektroniczna BIBlioteka … Read more

RoMEO and JULIET Updates for October 2013

RoMEO New additions: Accademia University Press – Green [11/10/13] Akdeniz Üniversitesi, Turizm Fakültesi – [17/10/13] Blue Ars Aequi –Blue [10/10/13] Asociacion Espanola de Documentacion e Informacion (SEDIC) [30/10/13] Green Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences (ALISS) – Green [10/10/13] Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) [10/10/13] EmásF – Blue … Read more

Live from Open Access at Leeds University

  Here we are at the Leeds University Open Access fair in the Parkinson Atrium. We had a slow start to the morning, but from around 11am there has been a lot of interest in our work. We have been talking to some Open Access publishers, many repository staff and librarians as well as telling … Read more