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This week we have started to make changes to the entries for the publisher Wiley. Last week Wiley kindly send us a list of the majority of their journals, with their individual embargo periods. Up until now we have had to provide a merged entry in RoMEO, that stated both the 12 months embargo for … Read more

SHERPA FACT – Helping researchers comply with the Open Access policies from RCUK and the Wellcome Trust

The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) is pleased to announce that Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Wellcome Trust have provided seed funding for the development of a SHERPA Funders’ & Authors’ Compliance Tool (SHERPA FACT). SHERPA FACT will interpret data from SHERPA RoMEO, JULIET and other sources to provide clear guidance to RCUK and … Read more

Policy Exceptions in RoMEO

Readers of this blog will have noticed the occasional notification of new exceptions that have been added to RoMEO. But what are these exceptions and why are they important? RoMEO has traditionally focussed on the general policies of publishers, those that cover the majority of their journals titles. However, some titles may have a different … Read more

Journal Research Data Policy Bank (JoRD)

Journal Research Data Policy Bank (JoRD) will shed light on the policies devised by academic publishers to promote linkage between journal articles and underlying research data. This initiative, is funded by JISC as part of its Digital Infrastructure Programme;  it runs from July to December 2012. This work is being carried out by the Centre … Read more

Journal research data policies

The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) at the University of Nottingham has partnered with Research Information Network (RIN), in a project that will shed light on the policies devised by academic publishers to promote linkage between  journal articles and underlying research data. This initiative, entitled Journal Research Data (JoRD) Policy Bank, is funded by JISC as part … Read more

60% of Journals Allow Immediate Archiving of Peer-Reviewed Articles – but it gets much much better…

SHERPA/RoMEO data shows that 87% of journals allow some form of immediate self-archiving of articles, although in only 60% of cases is this a post-peer-reviewed version. Once embargo periods have expired and any other restrictions complied with, this rises to 94% of journals that permit peer-reviewed articles to be archived, and only 5% that do not allow any form of archiving. Read more

SHERPA RoMEO Upgrade Version Released

SHERPA Services’ is excited to announce the launch of an upgraded version of SHERPA RoMEO ( as part of ongoing improvements to the SHERPA RoMEO service. The new version contains significant additions and improvements to RoMEO, and now provides: Increased Journal Coverage: SHERPA-RoMEO now has its own Journals database containing over 18000 journals including many … Read more


After a nice break for Easter and the Royal Wedding, we are gearing up to attend the summers’ conferences. First up is Open Repositories 2011, Austin, Texas, where we will have 3 posters presentations. RoMEO International Partnerships – Covering the results of existing partnerships and how we hope to improve the facilities for our partners. … Read more