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SHERPA/RoMEO API – Manual, REST Requests, and Wish List

We have been clearing the decks in readiness for the next upgrade to the SHERPA/RoMEO API, which will be a major redevelopment. Technical Manual The main technical manual has been consolidated to incorporate all the addenda from recent enhancements to the API, and has been generally reviewed and updated. The new manual is available at: … Read more

Country Statistics for SHERPA/RoMEO

SHERPA Services is pleased to announce that it has added a ‘country’ field to its database of publishers’ copyright and self-archiving policies. This has enabled us to generate a statistical table of the number of RoMEO-listed publishers by country and continent: ‘Country’ has also been added to the Advanced Search options for publishers: … Read more

Access Keys Available for SHERPA/RoMEO API V.2.9

When we announced the new SHERPA/RoMEO API Version 2.9 at the end of August, we mentioned that we would be introducing API Access Keys. You can now register for API Keys, which offer the following benefits for V.2.9 users: Registered applications can exceed the limit of 500 requests per day. Registered users receive advance notice … Read more

API Implications of the recent SHERPA/RoMEO Upgrade

A new version of SHERPA/RoMEO was released on the 15th August. The main change was the introduction of a new database that improves the coverage and accuracy of journal information. Full details of the new and improved features can be found at: This blog is about the effects the upgrade has on the RoMEO API. … Read more