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JULIET – Now lists funding groups

With an increasing number of funding agencies working together to provide open access to their research, we have now added details about these groups to JULIET. These groups will now be searchable in their own right, and will provide a list of the participating agencies. Each agency will continue to have its own policy entry, … Read more

CRC attendance at RECODE workshop in Sheffield University

The RECODE project is an EU funded project designed to compile a set of generic guidelines for EU funders to use when forming research data sharing policies. The premise is that publicly funded data should be openly accessible to the public, because they have paid for it. The workshop signalled the end of the first … Read more

Upgrade to SHERPA/JULIET Released

The Centre for Research Communications is pleased to announce the release of an upgrade to its SHERPA/JULIET service, the go-to database of research funders’ open access policies – SHERPA/JULIET now has grown to cover 110 funders. The increase in size has necessitated an upgrade to the JULIET website and the introduction of several new … Read more

RoMEO and JULIET Updates for March

RoMEO Added new publishers: Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky, Knihovna – [6/3/12] – Green Asociación Hombre y Territorio – Green [23/3/12] Asociación para el Avance de la Psicología y la Educació – Blue [8/3/12] Association d’Ethno-linguistique Amerindienne – Green [23/3/12] Debreceni Egyetem, Angol-Amerikai Intézet – White [5/3/12] Debreceni Egyetem, Műszaki Kar – [5/3/12] – Green Debreceni … Read more