RoMEO and JULIET Updates for December 2014

Added new publishers:

  1. Association Reunionnaise d’Ecologie [10/12/14] Green
  2. Borntraeger Science Publishers [3/12/14] Yellow
  3. Escola Superior de Saude da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa {18/12/14] Blue
  4. GESDAV  (Foundation for Education, Health, Social Cooperation and Solidarity of the People of the Gulhane) [10/12/14]
  5. Global Science Research Journals [10/12/14] Green
  6. Instituto de Investigaciones de Sanidad Vegetal [18/12/14] Blue
  7. Instituto Superior de Ciências de Educação Superior do Huambo [10/12/14] Blue
  8. Leiden University Press [4/12/14] Blue
  9. Miranda [2/12/14]
  10. Neurama [22/12/14] Green
  11. Oriental Scientific Publishing Company [10/12/14] Blue
  12. Österreichisches Religionspädagogisches Forum [10/12/14] Green
  13. Pan-Canadian Health Reform Analysis Network / Réseau Pan-Canadien d’Analyse des Réformes de Santé (PHRAN/RPARS) [4/12/14] Green
  14. Red de Servicios Profesionales (REDESEP) [22/12/14] Green
  15. Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, V. A. Negovsky Research Institute of General Reanimatology [10/12/14] Blue
  16. Science and Education Publishing [10/12/14] Blue
  17. Science Publishing Corporation [4/12/14] Blue
  18. SE Dnipropetrovs’ka Derzhavna Medychna Akademiya (Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy)[10/12/14]Blue
  19. Socrates [4/12/14] Blue
  20. Universidad del Atlántico, Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, Programa de Historia, Grupo de historia de la educación e identidad nacional [4/12/14] Blue
  21. Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas Indiciárias vinculada (NEI) [10/12/14] Blue
  22. Universitas Diponegoro [2/12/14]


Updated entries

  1. American Institute of Physics [11/12/14] Updated Author Select option url
  2. American Institute of Physics: AIP Advances renamed American Institute of Physics: Open Access Journals [11/12/14]
  3. American Meteorological Society – clarified PDF use [19/12/14]
  4. Bentham Open [19/12/14] Updated policy
  5. Bentham Science Publishers [19/12/14] Updated policy
  6. BMJ Publishing Group [8/12/14] removed 6 month embargo period and updated policy urls
  7. INFORMS [9/12/14] updated wording
  8. International Reading Association [22/12/14] Reviewed policy and made inor updates
  9. Nature Publishing Group [9/12/14] – added information on repository deposit
  10. Nature Publishing Group: Nature Communications [18/12/14] Updated policy to reflect full OA nature of title
  11. Pion [5/12/14] added Paid OA option
  12. Pion: Perception [5/12/14] updated policy – removing 12 month embargo for PDF usage
  13. Polska Akademia Nauk, Instytut Paleobiologii (Polish Academy of Sciences, Institue of Paleobiology) renamed and website url updated [11/12/14]
  14. Royal Meteorological Society [11/12/14] added phrase stating titles now use Wiley policy
  15. Schweizerbart und Borntraeger – renamed E Schweizerbart Science Publishers [3/12/14] – policy also updated
  16. SE Dnipropetrovs’ka Derzhavna Medychna Akademiya (Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy) name change to SE Dnipropetrovs’ka Medical Academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine [19/12/14]
  17. Socrates [16/12/14] – updated policy URLs, updated policy to include pre-prints and clarify deposit location. Blue to Green
  18. TESOL [22/12/14] reviewed, no update required




  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [8/12/14]

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