This week we have started to make changes to the entries for the publisher Wiley. Last week Wiley kindly send us a list of the majority of their journals, with their individual embargo periods.

Up until now we have had to provide a merged entry in RoMEO, that stated both the 12 months embargo for scientific, technical and medicine titles and the 24 month embargo for humanities and social science titles. Unfortunately, this could cause confusion for you, our users, who may have been unclear which title fell into which subject grouping, soemthing that is not always clear when you consider that Psychology can be both a social science and a science, depending on the area being studied.

Now that we have this list, we are in the process of updating RoMEO with this information. We have processed 150 titles so far, but hope to have the rest up soon.

Being able to provide the exact embargo period for each Wiley title, not only means that RoMEO (www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo) will be more up-to-date, but we will also be able to ensure that FACT (www.sherpa.ac.uk/fact) entries for Wiley titles will now provide more bespoke advise.



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