RoMEO and JULIET Updates for June

Added new publishers:

  • Academy of Business and Retail Management (ABRM) [26/6/15] Blue
  • ARLIS UK and Ireland [26/6/14] Blue
  • Bioclues Organization [26/6/14] Green
  • British Academy [5/6/14] Blue
  • Çankırı Karatekin University [5/6/14] White
  • Cogiatio Press [12/6/14] Green
  • Corning Museum of Glass [9/6/14] White
  • Coventry University, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences [9/6/14] Green
  • Drustvo ekonomista ‘Ekonomika’ (Society of Economists ‘Ekonomika’) [12/6/14]  Blue
  • Eisenbrauns [9/6/14] White
  • Expert Journals [4/6/14] Blue
  • Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales et du Developpement (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)[5/6/14] Green
  • Institut za Humanu Rehabilitaciju [4//14]
  • Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture [26/6/14]Green
  • Media Systems Communications [9/6/14]Green
  • Michigan Publishing [10/6/14] Green
  • New Century Science Press [4/6/14] Green
  • Operations Research Society of South Africa (ORSSA) [10/6/14] Green
  • Society for Scientific Exploration [12/6/14] Blue
  • Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Administración [4/6/14] Green
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires, Departamento de Ciencia de la Atmosfera, Centro Argentino de Meteorologos [5/6/14] Green
  • Universidad del Pais Vasco, Centro de Estudios sobre la Identidad Colectiva [4/6/14] Green
  • Universidad Federal de Roraima [12/6/14] Green
  • Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas [5/6/14] Green
  • Universidad Pablo de Olavide [12/6/14] Green
  • Universidade Federal da Paraíba [9/6/14] Blue
  • Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Departamento de Finanças e Contabilidade [26/6/14] Green
  • Universitatea din Bucureşti, Facultatea de Ştiinţe Politice  (University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science) [12/6/14] Green
  • University Film and Video Association [11/6/14] Blue
  • Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Centrum pro otázky životního prostředí  (Charles Univerity in Prague, Environmental Center [5/6/14] Green
  • Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu  (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń) [9/6/14] Green
  • Volgogradskii Gosudarstvennyi Universitet (Volgograd State University) [10/6/14] Blue



Updated entries

  • American Folklore Society – reviewed and re-worded policy, added policy url [11/6/14]
  • American Physical Society – minor re-wording regarding citation [2/6/14]
  • American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) name changes to Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) [2/6/14]
  • Begell House Publishing – added NIH policy [3/6/14]
  • BMJ Publishing Group: BMJ Open to BMJ Publishing Group: Open Access to cover BMJ Open Access titles [2/6/14]
  • British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery [27/6/14]
  • CEUR Workshop Proceedings [25/6/14] – new main url and review of entry
  • Copernicus Publications – added ‘author retain copyright’ [27/6/14]
  • Equinox – main url [6/6/14]
  • European Respiratory Society [27/6/14] –
  • Inderscience [25/6/14] – minor re-wording
  • IOP Publishing 3/6/14] – added repository deposit for pre-print
  • IOP Publishing: Hybrid Open Access [3/6/14] – added repository deposit for pre-print
  • Mineralogical Society [2/6/14]  -updated policy url, updated Paid OA info, updated policy – reduced embargo period
  • Paleontological Society [13/6/14] – reviewed and updated policy deposit now allowed and added Paid OA policy
  • Pediatric Oncall [27/6/14] – White to Yellow
  • Seismological Society of America – policy url and update of policy White to Blue [9/6/14]
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires, Departamento de Ciencia de la Atmosfera, Centro Argentino de Meteorologos to Centro Argentino de Meteorologos [13/6/14]
  • Universidade Federal da Paraíba to Universidade Federal da Paraíba,  Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa, Grupo de Pesquisa em Teoria Crítica e Hermenêutica (GPTEcH) [25/6/14]
  • University of Illinois Press – reviewed and re-worded policy, no change to policy itself [10/6/14]
  • University of Pittsburgh, University Library System [2/6/14] – updated policy url


Journal Exceptions romeo

  • University of Pittsburgh, University Library System
    • Carl Beck Papers [2/6/14]
  • Mary Ann Liebert
    • BioResearch Open Access [3/6/14]
  • American Mathematical Society
    • Open Access [4/6/14]
  • Michigan Publishing
    • Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial [10/6/14] Geen
    • Michigan Family Review [10/6/14] Green
    • Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists [10/6/14] Blue
    • Gender, Sexuality and Feminism [10/6/14] Green
    • Feminist Studies [10/6/14] White
    • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning [10/6/14] Blue
    • Journal of Electronic Publishing [10/6/14] Green
    • Trans-Asia Photography Review [10/6/14] Green
  • University of Illinois Press
    • Illinois Classical Studies [11/6/14] Blue
  • Thomas Telford (ICE Publishing)
    • Geotechnical Research [11/6/14] Green



New: World Health Organization [25/6/14]


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