Journal research data policies

The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) at the University of Nottingham has partnered with Research Information Network (RIN), in a project that will shed light on the policies devised by academic publishers to promote linkage between  journal articles and underlying research data. This initiative, entitled Journal Research Data (JoRD) Policy Bank, is funded by JISC as part of its Digital Infrastructure Programme; it runs from July to December 2012.


The overarching aim of the JoRD Policy Bank project is to conduct a feasibility study into the scope and shape of a sustainable service that will collate and summarise the relevant journal policies. The project will deliver requirements and specifications for a service that will provide researchers, managers of research data and other stakeholders with an easy source of reference to understand and comply with the research data policies of journals and publishers.

Through maintaining a firm focus upon research literature and stakeholder consultations, the project aims to:

  • identify and consult with a wide range of stakeholders, publishers and others, and develop a detailed set of stakeholder requirements and service specifications;
  • investigate the current state of data sharing policies within journals and shed light on how journals are addressing this crucial question;
  • scope and deliver recommendations on the shape of a central service that will (i) summarise journal research data policies; and (ii) provide a ready reference source of easily accessible, standardised, accurate and clear guidance and information relating to the journal policy landscape for research data;
  • provide models to establish the business framework that will allow the committed relationships necessary to deliver such a service on  a long term basis;
  • provide service sustainability models determining how the long term operation of such a service can be sustained.


Further information will be posted on these pages as the project evolves during the second half of 2012. In due course, there will also be links to blogs which will provide an opportunity to keep abreast of developments.

Jane & Azhar

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