RoMEO and Special Exceptions

If you go to our Statistics page, you will notice a phrase like ‘RoMEO has 27 additional policies for special exceptions.’

So I thought I would explain what these special exceptions are.

Publishers may have a main policy on self-archiving, but some of their titles may follow another policy, this make them special exceptions. Previously, we have indicated these in the conditions section for each Publisher, as best we can.

Now…now we can enter them as their own policies, while still indicating the relationship to the parent publisher, and best of all, mapped to the correct titles.

You can still view the default title if you wish, and will see if there are Special Exceptions for that Publisher, listed in RoMEO, such as MIT Press.

As the quote above states, we have only processed 27 of these special exceptions so far, but we will be working on the rest that we have identified over the next few months.

We hope you’ll find this useful, and that it will make it easier for you to determine the correct policy for the titles you are searching for.

Jane, Azhar and Peter

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