Access Keys Available for SHERPA/RoMEO API V.2.9

When we announced the new SHERPA/RoMEO API Version 2.9 at the end of August, we mentioned that we would be introducing API Access Keys. You can now register for API Keys, which offer the following benefits for V.2.9 users:

  • Registered applications can exceed the limit of 500 requests per day.
  • Registered users receive advance notice of planned changes to the API.
  • API usage statistics for the key are available on request.

You can register for a free API Key at:

It only takes a moment, and once you have received your key, you just add it to the API request as an argument, e.g.

where &ak=Iq83AIL5bss is the argument specifying the API key.

Should you need it, a presentation about the registration process is available at:

To convert an existing application to V.2.9, all you need to do is change the filename in the URL – e.g. from api24.php to api29.php – and add your API key. You may also then wish to modify your application further, perhaps at a later date, to exploit the new features of Version 2.9. These are documented at:

The main benefits of V.2.9 are the option to return separate permission data for the publisher’s version/PDF of articles, and the ability to return data in foreign languages.


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