Monthly Archives: August 2011

API Implications of the recent SHERPA/RoMEO Upgrade

A new version of SHERPA/RoMEO was released on the 15th August. The main change was the introduction of a new database that improves the coverage and accuracy of journal information. Full details of the new and improved features can be found at: This blog is about the effects the upgrade has on the RoMEO API. … Read more

SHERPA RoMEO Upgrade Version Released

SHERPA Services’ is excited to announce the launch of an upgraded version of SHERPA RoMEO ( as part of ongoing improvements to the SHERPA RoMEO service. The new version contains significant additions and improvements to RoMEO, and now provides: Increased Journal Coverage: SHERPA-RoMEO now has its own Journals database containing over 18000 journals including many … Read more