Monthly Archives: May 2011


Both Peter and Azhar will be attending the CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication  (OAI7) in June. Peter will be presenting a poster on How SHERPA/RoMEO lubricates the CRIS Publication List –  Repository Interface This poster will give an overview of how RoMEO is used in CRIS and bibliographic applications. It will also outline … Read more


After a nice break for Easter and the Royal Wedding, we are gearing up to attend the summers’ conferences. First up is Open Repositories 2011, Austin, Texas, where we will have 3 posters presentations. RoMEO International Partnerships – Covering the results of existing partnerships and how we hope to improve the facilities for our partners. … Read more

RoMEO Updates for April

Added new publishers: •    American Arachnological Society – Blue [6/4/11] •    Association for Learning Development in Higher Education [Blue ][8/4/11] •    Bioinfo Publications [Blue ] [12/4/11] – Corrected to [Green] after feedback from Publisher [12/4/11] •    Cancer Intelligence [Blue ][8/4/11] •    Elsevier España – Imprint of Elsevier {Green} [7/4/11] •    Hegeler Institute [Blue] [12/4/11] •   … Read more