RoMEO Português Agreement

The SHERPA/RoMEO team – Peter Millington and Jane Smith – met with colleagues from the Portuguese Projecto Blimunda while at OR10, Madrid to finalise partnership arrangements. Blimunda will provide details of Portuguese publishers’ policies on open access and self archiving for inclusion in RoMEO.

Blimunda will also be providing translations of RoMEO data into Portguese, which will form the basis of a special version of RoMEO – provisionally entitled RoMEO Português. RoMEO has already received the first batch of translations, and this has been used to create prototype Portuguese versions of both interactive RoMEO and the Application Programmers’ Interface (API).

The prototype human interface can be viewed at:

While the interface of this prototype is still in English, the policy data is displayed in Portuguese wherever possible.


The URL for the prototype API is:

The prototype works the same way as the live API, but the addition of the argument la=pt causes the XML data to be returned in Portuguese wherever possible. (Similarly, la=de returns data in German.)


We look forward to working with our Portuguese colleagues in refining these services over the coming months.


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