SHERPA FACT – Helping researchers comply with the Open Access policies from RCUK and the Wellcome Trust

The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) is pleased to announce that Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Wellcome Trust have provided seed funding for the development of a SHERPA Funders’ & Authors’ Compliance Tool (SHERPA FACT). SHERPA FACT will interpret data from SHERPA RoMEO, JULIET and other sources to provide clear guidance to RCUK and Wellcome Trust funded authors on compliance with their Open Access (OA) policies and advise on the options available.

The RCUK’s new OA policy will be effective from 01 April 2013. This policy requires that all peer reviewed research papers, resulting from research funded by the Research Councils, will be published in journals under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) License or otherwise made available as OA via a repository. On the same date, the Wellcome Trust will also require that articles with which it is associated – and for which an Article Processing Charge (APC) has been levied – must also be published under a CC-BY license


  • allow authors to select which of the RCUK Councils or Wellcome Trust has funded their work
  • allow authors to enter the journal name or ISSN, or ESSN, or publisher of the journal they wish to use
  • cross-reference the information held in RoMEO and in JULIET on both Funders’ and Publishers’ policies
  • give the author clear information as to whether that journal or publisher offers publication or archiving rights compliant with their funders’ policy
  • note the level of OA fee payable, if any, and if available from the publisher site
  • give guidance to the author as to what action to take next to comply with their funders’ policy, customising guidance according to the stage of the author’s publication – pre-submission, accepted, published, etc


Such guidance might be, for example, to:

  • take a hybrid OA option offered by the publisher;
  • pay the OA fee for a full OA journal or
  • archive their work under a particular embargo period

SHERPA FACT will be available from 01 April 2013.

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