60% of Journals Allow Immediate Archiving of Peer-Reviewed Articles – but it gets much much better…

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The database improvements we made to SHERPA/RoMEO in August 2011 have enabled us to generate new statistics on the number of journals that permit self-archiving. We presented a provisional pie chart of journals broken down by RoMEO Colour at Open Repositories 2011. This is updated in the following chart, which uses a snapshot of the RoMEO Journals database taken on the 15th November 2011.

RoMEO Journals by RoMEO Colour 2011-11-15

An alternative way of viewing this data is to look at how many of the versions of articles that academics prefer most can be archived, as in the following chart:

RoMEO Journals by Version - Immediate Archiving Permitted - 2011-11-15

Like RoMEO Colours, this chart is based on strong open access, where there are no embargoes or restrictions that prevent immediate self-archiving. As with the colour chart, this shows that 60% of  journals allow the final peer-reviewed version of an article to be archived immediately, with a further 27% permitting the submitted version (pre-print) to be archived immediately.

Only 13% of journals do not allow immediate archiving, but moving away from the ideal of immediate open access, the situation changes once any embargo periods have expired. This is shown in the following chart:

RoMEO Journals by Version - Post-Embargo - 2011-11-15

This chart takes account of embargoes of any length. The most common embargo period is 12 months, followed by 6 months, and then 24 months. A few embargoes are longer, the maximum recorded in RoMEO now being 5 years.

Embargo (months) Percent Relative Frequency
3 1% |
6 17% |||||||||||||||||
12 47% |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
18 4% ||||
24 28% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
36 1% |
60 1% |

Expiring embargos clearly improve the situation regarding archiving, but additional restrictions may still remain. For instance, it may be necessary to obtain permission to archive from the publisher, a fee might have to be paid, or archiving may only be available to authors whose work is paid for by certain specific funders. These restrictions may therefore make archiving impractical. However, if these restrictions can be complied with, the archiving situation improves still further, as shown in our final chart:

RoMEO Journals by Version - Post Compliance - 2011-11-15

This chart shows that a remarkable 94% of journals allow archiving of peer-reviewed articles after any embargo period has expired and any addional restrictions have been complied with. Indeed, for nearly a quarter of journals, the publisher’s version/PDF itself can be archived. Just 1% of journals only permit the pre-peer review submitted version to be archived. This leaves only 5% of journals that do not permit self-archiving of some form or another.

On the date the data for these charts was compiled (15th Nov.2011), the RoMEO Journals database held about 19,000 titles. Unfortunately, assigning journals to policies is not an exact process, due to the vagueness of some publishers’ policies and the fact that some publishing houses do work for societies and other third parties whose own open access policies may take precedence. It is therefore difficult to gauge the precision of these figures, but we guestimate that they are accurate to within 2%. The charts do not take into account journals that are not covered by RoMEO’s own database, but we expect that the relative proportions would be similar.

Peter Millington

RoMEO and Special Exceptions

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If you go to our Statistics page, you will notice a phrase like ‘RoMEO has 27 additional policies for special exceptions.’

So I thought I would explain what these special exceptions are.

Publishers may have a main policy on self-archiving, but some of their titles may follow another policy, this make them special exceptions. Previously, we have indicated these in the conditions section for each Publisher, as best we can.

Now…now we can enter them as their own policies, while still indicating the relationship to the parent publisher, and best of all, mapped to the correct titles.

You can still view the default title if you wish, and will see if there are Special Exceptions for that Publisher, listed in RoMEO, such as MIT Press.

As the quote above states, we have only processed 27 of these special exceptions so far, but we will be working on the rest that we have identified over the next few months.

We hope you’ll find this useful, and that it will make it easier for you to determine the correct policy for the titles you are searching for.

Jane, Azhar and Peter

RoMEO and JULIET Updates for October

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New additions
•    Acta Didactica Norge- Blue [21/10/11]
•    Advanstar Communications [Blue] [7/10/11]
•    Associação Portuguesa de Estudos Franceses (APEF) – Blue [5/10/11]
•    Associazone Paolo Sylos Labini – Blue [26/10/11]
•    FORMakademisk [Blue] [17/10/11] – Norsk RoMEO
•    Gyldendal Akademisk (Gyldendal Academic) [Green] [17/10/11] – Norsk RoMEO
•    Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Escola Superior de Artes e Design – Blue [5/10/11]
•    Norsk Ornitologisk Forening – Blue [21/10/11]
•    Ordem dos Médicos – (Blue) [5/10/1]
•    Presses de l’Ifpo – Yellow [21/10/11]
•    Radical Philosophy Group – WHITE [19/10/11]
•    Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências Veterinárias– (blue) [5/10/11]
•    Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain– WHITE [19/10/11]
•    Universidade de Aveiro, Centro de Investigação em Didáctica e Tecnologia na Formação de Formadores – Green [5/10/11]
•    Universidade de Aveiro, Departamento de Economia, Gestão e Engenharia Industrial – White [5/10/11]
•    Universidade de Aveiro, Departamento de Geociências – Blue [5/10/11]
•    Universidade de Aveiro, Departamento de Línguas e Culturas – (blue) [5/10/11]
•    Universidade de Coimbra, Centro de Estudos Sociais – White [5/10/11]
•    Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação – Blue [5/10/11]
•    Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (ISCSP-UTL)

Updated entries:
•    American Society of Neuroradiology – policy URLS [5/10/11]
•    Bangladesh Society of Medicine – PDF use allowed [7/10/11]
•    Blackwell Publishing – OnlineOpen URL [5/10/11]
•    British Association of Hand Therapists (BAHT) [5/10/11] – OpenDepot link
•    Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) – main URL [5/10/11]
•    Co-Action Publishing – [5/10/11] – OpenDepot link
•    College of Occupational Therapists – policy URL [5/10/11]
•    Copernicus Publications [5/10/11] – OpenDepot link
•    Down Syndrome Education International – policy URL [5/10/11]
•    Edinburgh University Press – PDF must be used
•    Endocrine Society – policy URL [5/10/11]
•    Equinox Publishing – policy URL [5/10/11]
•    Gyldendal Akademisk (Gyldendal Academic) – removed requirement to link to publisher version [24/10/11]
•    Histochemical Society – policy change, url change [5/10/11]
•    Institute of Physics – must link to publication added [12/10/11]
•    Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco, Escola Superior de Educação – main URL [5/10/11]
•    Managed Care & Healthcare Communications – policy URL [5/10/11]
•    Marine Biological Laboratory – policy URL [5/10/11]
•    Norsk Polarinstitutt –main and policy URL [5/10/11]
•    Norsk Psykologforening (Norwegian Psychological Association) [24/11/11]
•    NRC Research Press – policy URLS [5/10/11]
•    OpenJournals Publishing now called AOSIS OpenJournals [24/10/11]
•    Oxford University Press [5/10/11] – OpenDepot link
•    PhysMath Central- [5/10/11] – OpenDepot link
•    Public Library of Science [5/10/11] – policy URL
•    Royal College of Psychiatrists  [5/10/11] – policy URL
•    Royal Society of Medicine Press – policy URLs [5/10/11]
•    Skepsis – main URL [5/10/11]
•    Sociedade Portuguesa de Vida Selvagem [5/10/11] – policy change
•    Society for General Microbiology – policy URLs [5/10/11]
•    University of British Columbia, Okanagan – main URL [5/10/11]
•    Westburn Publishers – main and Policy URL [5/10/11]

•    EPSRC [14/10/11]

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