RoMEO’s Minute of Madness

Our poster entitled ‘SHERPA/RoMEO Journals Beta 3.6‘ presented at Open Repositories 2011 was introduced during the conference’s Minute Madness session with the following poem:

Archiving is a tale of woe
Without the help of RoMEO.
It may seem simple at first sight
To work out who owns copyright,
But when you publish you may find
You have to give up what is thine.

Your publisher may or may not
Let you deposit what you wrote
And many make you wait a year
If you’re prepared to persevere.
Yet others think they’re being nice
To let you archive for a price.

Now RoMEO will help you see
The essence of their policies,
Plus what it is they really mean
When things are not quite what they seem
And RoMEO has grown again
Since we last spoke at OR10.

We’ve built a journals database
And modified our interface.
More journals and more policies,
More timeliness and clarity.
Which makes our data more precise
When you are searching for advice.

Our data yields the evidence
To advocate with confidence.
And we’ve produced a chart that’s new
That shows what journals let you do
So take a look, and you will see
Good news for your repository.

Peter (with apologies to The Bard)

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