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Both Peter and Azhar will be attending the CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication  (OAI7) in June.

Peter will be presenting a poster on How SHERPA/RoMEO lubricates the CRIS Publication List –  Repository Interface

This poster will give an overview of how RoMEO is used in CRIS and bibliographic applications. It will also outline the technical issues surrounding them, offer efficiency tips, and discuss some of the ways in which the RoMEO API could be improved to make CRIS-repository interfaces even slicker.

They are both interested in talking to fellow delegates about all aspects of RoMEO.

Jane, Peter and Azhar


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After a nice break for Easter and the Royal Wedding, we are gearing up to attend the summers’ conferences.

First up is Open Repositories 2011, Austin, Texas, where we will have 3 posters presentations.

  • RoMEO International Partnerships – Covering the results of existing partnerships and how we hope to improve the facilities for our partners.
  • SHERPA/RoMEO Journals – Progress on our own journal database and the trials and tribbles involved.
  • Developing a sustainable Business Model for SHERPA RoMEO (issues, challenges and lessons learnt) – It’s a recession! We need to survive, so we’ll be discussing the development of a sustainable model.

Open Repositories gives us the chance to catch up with colleagues on the cliff face as well as developers, from around the world. Allowing us to discuss how best we can help them do their job and how they can assist us in improving the coverage of RoMEO. At OR10, in Madrid we met up with colleagues from Blimunda to discuss our partnership – more about that and other collaborations in our poster above!

We will all be this conference, so please get in touch if you want to discuss anything with us, and we will try and arrange time to chat.

Jane, Peter & Azhar

RoMEO Updates for April

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Added new publishers:
•    American Arachnological Society – Blue [6/4/11]
•    Association for Learning Development in Higher Education [Blue ][8/4/11]
•    Bioinfo Publications [Blue ] [12/4/11] – Corrected to [Green] after feedback from Publisher [12/4/11]
•    Cancer Intelligence [Blue ][8/4/11]
•    Elsevier España – Imprint of Elsevier {Green} [7/4/11]
•    Hegeler Institute [Blue] [12/4/11]
•    Naturfagsenteret – Green [13/4/11]
•    Norske Legeforening (Norwegian Medical Association) – White [13/4/11]
•    Philosophy Documentation Center – Blue [19/4/11]
•    Türk Eğitim Derneği  (Turkish Education Association) – Blue [18/4/11]
•    Universitetet Ii Tromsø – Green [13/4/11]
•    Waterbird Society – White [15/4/11]

Total publishers: 962 [19/4/11]
Total added in April: 12

Updated entries:
•    American Society of Plant Biologists – PDF use removed [20/4/11
•    American Society of Plant Biologists [31/3/11] Yellow to Green
•    Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions – White to White (with policy) [21/4/11]
•    Future Medicine – Pre-print now allowed [8/4/11]
•    Future Science – permission required for authors post-print [8/4/11]
•    National Academy of Sciences [7/4/11] Updated conditions
•    Norske Legeforening (Norwegian Medical Association) – Publisher PDF not allowed [14/4/11]
•    Royal College of Psychiatrists – WT compliance updated [15/4/11]
•    Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa, Centro de Estudos Territoriais (ISCTE, CET) to Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Centro de Estudos Territoriais [12/4/11] Blimunda
•    Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Centro de Investigação em Desporto, Saúde e Desenvolvimento Humano – Green to Blue [12/4/11] Blimunda
•    Universitetet i Oslo, Institutt for arkeologi, konservering og historie (University of Oslo, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History) – PDF use added [20/3/11]
•    Universitetsforlaget (Scandinavian University Press) – conditions changed [12/4/11] Norsk RoMEO
•    Universitetsforlaget (Scandinavian University Press) – policy URL [13/4/11] Norsk RoMEO
•    University of California Press – edits to condtions [21/4/11]

Declined – the following titles were deemed to be outside of our current scope, as they are trade titles, and therefore declined

•    CILIP (Trade) [19/4/11] – CILIP Update
•    Information Today (Trade) [21/4/11]
•    Meister Media Worldwide (Trade) [15/4/11]
•    Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) (Trade) [19/4/11]

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