SHERPA/RoMEO announces its 900th Publisher.

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The Centre for Research Communications are delighted to announce that the 900th publisher has been added to the SHERPA/RoMEO database – Selskabet for Oslo Byes Vel.

The policy details for Selskabet for Oslo Byes Vel have been provided by Norsk RoMEO, who are collating the policies of Norwegian publishers, for inclusion into RoMEO.

SHERPA Services are working with partners around the globe to provide our users with country or subject specific publishers. Please contact us if you are interested in researching publisher policies within any specific country,language or subject areas.

About Norsk RoMEO

Norsk RoMEO was set up by NORA to research self-archiving policy information on Norwegian publishers and publications. The resulting policies, are then included in RoMEO for access by interested users.

About Centre for Research Communications
The SHERPA Services are based at the Centre for Research Communications, University of Nottingham and works on a portfolio of projects related to Open Access and repository development.

The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) was formed in April 2009, to help to support and inform the changes and new ideas in the way that research is communicated around the world. Research communications are changing rapidly, opening up access for more people to more research, than has been available before. The CRC houses a portfolio of open access projects and initiatives currently undertaken by the University of Nottingham.

Additionally, the Centre for Research Communications, maintains the related SHERPA Services: JULIET and OpenDOAR.

For all enquiries regarding RoMEO please contact:


RoMEO Updates for December

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New publishers:
•    Akademie Verlag – Green [14/12/10]
•    American Mosquito Control Association – White [13/12/10]
•    Bangladesh Association of Young Researchers – Blue [2/12/10]
•    Bangladesh Medical Research Council – Blue [2/12/10]
•    Bangladesh Pharmacological Society (BDPS) – Blue [2/12/10]
•    Bangladesh Society of Medicine – Blue [2/12/10]
•    Indian Pharmaceutical Association – Blue [17/12/10]
•    Indiana Library Federation- Blue [2/12/10]
•    Landslaget for lokalhistorie [9/12/10]
•    Lindbergia – Green [ 17/12/10]
•    Mendelian Society of Lund – Green [17/12/10]
•    Norsk Arkeologisk Selskap (Norwegian Archaeological Society ) – Green {17/12/10}
•    Norsk Botanisk Forening  (Norwegian Botanical Society) – Blue [17/12/10]
•    Oldenbourg Verlag – Green [14/12/10]
•    Pensoft Publishers [7/12/10]

Total publishers: 895 [17/12/10]
Total added in December: 15

Updated entries:
•    American Chemical Society- added restriction regarding compliance with prior publication policy  [9/12/10]
•    American Society for Microbiology – policy link, and policy in relation to IRs [17/12/10]
•    Informa Healthcare – Embargoes [2/12/10]
•    Taylor & Francis – Copyright URL, embargos and Paid OA titles [2/12/10]
•    Taylor & Francis (CRC Press) – Copyright URL, embargos [2/12/10]
•    Taylor & Francis (Psychology Press) – Copyright URL, embargos [2/12/10]
•    Taylor & Francis (Routledge) – Copyright URL, embargos [2/12/10]

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